I learned early on in my career as a DJ that the most interesting and useful things I can do for my clients are usually done long before I ever show up at their event. On the one hand, it's not that hard to play music for a group of enthusiastic strangers. But weddings, graduations birthdays and anniversaries are more than just get-togethers - they are celebrations. And what's more, they are celebrations with family and friends.

Each family and every social circle is unique and special, and more importantly, they usually know each other and you quite well, so imagine how great it would be to have your DJ and master of ceremonies be able to understand who you are and what you want for your celebration and then help you subtly and artfully reflect that back to your guests. Finding the energy and the enthusiasm of the people you have carefully chosen to be with you makes a party a much more sincere and genuine expression of celebration than any DJ or entertainer could possibly impose from the outside.

This is true from the very beginning of the evening when greeting your guests as Master of Ceremonies to the last moments of the party when we bid everyone goodnight, my aim is to warm your party up from the inside, find your guests hot buttons and gently push them at the appropriate time with an economy of words. In other words, light the fire and then get out of the way.

Oh yes, and of course I mix a wide range of musical genre's into one big, frothy party cocktail.