Becoming a DJ for social events was a happy accident that ended up with me having the best job in the entire world. I dabbled in DJ'ing as a Radio Television & Film major at San Jose State University. I wanted to work in film or television production but ended up in advertising sales. Eventually I ended up starting an advertising agency that slowly morphed into a production company largely servicing Silicon Valley tech firms - that is until early 2000 when the bubble burst and all my clients dried up literally overnight. At the same time, a friend of mine was planning his wedding and trying talk me into coming out of retirement to DJ his reception. I took the gig, bought some gear, and put myself back in business again, literally overnight. When my tech clients started calling again, I was already too busy to take on more production projects, but was happily booking holiday parties as their DJ.

The start may have been a happy accident but, I believe that my continued success is no accident at all. Maybe it's a personality flaw, maybe it's my greatest strength, but since I cannot stand the least amount of boredom or predictability in my life - especially when it comes to my work, I am constantly stretching my abilities as a DJ and MC, exposing myself to new (or new to me) music, and finding ways to keep my work fun and interesting. I think this fuels my desire to treat every event as a something new and different: New people to work with who have new and different needs than the last - it's a whole new challenge. It would be easier to just show up, play the hits and go home, but it's not what makes me happy, and ultimately is makes me the most valuable to the people that hire me.

When I'm not obsessing over all things DJ related, I am a proud father of two wonderful children, husband to one amazing wife, vintage record collector, cocktail fanatic and bicycle nut. It is my dream to one day combine all of these passions by taking the whole family on bicycle tour of the record stores and tiki bars of the Pacific Northwest.